Your Trading Coach

Your Trading Mentor

Phone Interview

Phone Interview

To understand the nature of trading, the risk and commitment involved.

If you are new or interested in trading:

This session enables you in understanding the risk, time and commitment involved in trading before making the decision.

If you are already trading but not seeing results at the moment:

This session will look into your existing trade plan.

30mins with Rayn Lim for an unbias opinion if you are serious about trading at only 19.90USD.
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Investment Chart

Review Your Trade Plan

Systemised Your Existing Trading Strategy

Having more than 15-years in trading, Mr Rayn Lim has created a framework in helping traders to trade even with their existing strategy with repeatable and verifiable results.

Plan out your trading framework and steps in getting your trading started.
90mins for the only 199USD, some work may need to be done before the meetup session that will be determined by the phone interview(scroll above) click the image above to make payment.

Professor Lecturing on Stage

Trading Coach

Become a Pro in trading within a year

Having more than 15years of trading experience and more than 12years of coaching experience, Mr Rayn Lim has been invited by many well-established brokerages like FxPro, ATFX and Trade Fair, like Traders' Fair, IF-Expo and many.

There are 2-path for the coachee to choose the area they like to on,

1) Path of Pro-Traders, to achieve 30-mins workday upon graduation and can choose if the coachee like to work for a financial institute, financial institute like banks may require additional banking&finance certification.

2) Path of Trainer, the coachee will be trained by Founder & Chief Trainer of Forex100 Academy in preparing presentation, seminar, workshop and training material. The coachee will be invited to talks and workshop that Mr Rayn Lim conducts and observe the demonstration.

Both selections will be taught all trading skills and knowledge in trading that Mr Rayn Lim knows of and coachee will learn how to create their own trading strategy.

58,888USD(upon interview, base on case to case basis), click the image above to make payment.


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